Wind Energy Systems

Wind Energy Systems

In today's Turkey, the number of wind power plants, which have the biggest share in meeting the energy need that is increasing day by day, by using completely natural, renewable and sustainable resources, not from fossil fuels that are depleting and harmful to the environment, is gradually increasing. In today's market conditions, the biggest concern of the managers of large companies for the future is not being able to supply the electricity they need. This situation pushes companies to invest in energy both in order to eliminate the concern of lack of energy in the future and to save a significant amount of electricity bills in the current situation. In this context, as the company that realized the first unlicensed 1 MW Self Consumption (2.35MW) RES project in Turkey, our investors should both produce their own electricity,


› Land analysis
Determination of the turbine in the most suitable class according to the wind values of the region where the investor's land is located.


› Conducting
the feasibility Preparation of the Self-Feasibility Report, in which all technical and financial analyzes of the project are made


› Obtaining official permits and approvals
Execution of the permit and approval process with official institutions and organizations


› Making an application to the Local Electricity Distribution Company
Execution of the application process with the local electricity distribution company in the region where the project is planned


› RAPSIM Process
Preparation of the Rapsim process file and obtaining the necessary permissions from Tübitak, General Staff, Ministry of Mit and Energy.


› Obtaining TEDAŞ Project
Approval Starting the Project Approval and permit processes of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Preparation of technical projects in accordance with the desired standards


› Bringing it into a position to start construction
Bringing the site to suitable conditions for the construction and installation phase


› EPC, Turnkey installation
Product supply, logistics & warehousing service, completion of construction and all installation phases, fully tested and presented to the investor as ready to use


› Monitoring -
Measuring the network quality during the operational period, reporting possible errors and malfunctions and providing solution follow-up services