Development Programs


Mars Enerji conducts executive development programs to monitor the career development of existing managers and employees with managerial potential, and to train managers in line with the future plans of companies and the community.

•  Leader Development Programs

In order to back up the senior management roles of our companies with the right people, which is one of the most critical issues for Mars Energy to continue its success in the future, and to support the development of these people proactively with accelerated development programs, the development of the leader candidates is followed with “individual development plans”.

These processes are structured with the aim of proactively educating the senior executives that companies need, and systematically planning, monitoring and accelerating their development by identifying employees who have the potential to rise to senior positions in the community and take on different roles in the community in the long run.


Developing Activities Platform are training programs conducted by Mars Energy Human Resources in order to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable all our Group employees to be more effective in their work and to give our employees the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in order to create common value within the community.

The Developing Events Platform has been planned annually since 1998. The training subjects planned for each year are decided in line with the Group's objectives, the knowledge, skills and competencies expected to be developed. Our companies determine the development needs of their employees within their own structure and ensure the participation of all their employees, from "expert" to "director" level, in the trainings.


Programs for Target Groups, unlike General Training Programs, are programs that are prepared for specific development needs determined in line with Mars Energy's goals and strategies, have a specific target audience and are followed up by the Holding Human Resources. These programs have been created by blending strategic and functional training needs.

Programs for Some Target Groups;

Value-Oriented Management : In addition to the most efficient execution of activities such as production, logistics, marketing, sales and after-sales service, which are defined as the main activities in the value chain; It is a program that aims to acquire knowledge that will ensure the effectiveness of activities such as company management, strategies, organizational structure, human resources management, research and development and purchasing.